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Meet Samantha.
Creating is the thread that runs through the fabric of Samantha Woo. It has been there since the beginning. As a child in Vietnam, she would take her seamstress mother’s scraps of fabric from the floor and create dog and doll clothes. At the age of 13, Samantha made her way to the United States, where she would go on to receive a degree in history and political science from Belhaven University, study fashion design at San Francisco’s Academy of Art, and earn a master’s degree in fine art from Mississippi College. But soon, she returned to her roots. Growing up in the U.S., Samantha used embroidery and beadwork as an escape from the pressures of immersing herself in a new culture. In her early 20s, she visited her family in Vietnam and the old hobby of creating clothes began to beckon. She began sketching and designed five dresses for her own wedding to her husband Mack. Samantha knows full well the importance of feeling like your best self on your wedding day. She believes that every bride is different and unique – and their gown should be, too.

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